Beta testing

I was watching  a video by Bat Prince and  have  added the game to my wish list, looking forwards to its release  in January next year.  

I've done a lot of beta testing over the last 15 years; for both big name aAA developers and smaller  indie developers (Dejobaan Games,  2DBoy, Alawar Games, Jadeware (now defunct) as well as   a lot of modders for various   games such as Battlefield 2, Crysis etc) and was wondering if you  need any more beta testers?  I've always documented any  bugs I find, both written, screen captured and  videoed,   then sent a report of my findings.  

I don't  beta test just to get  my hands on a game for free or  to  get to be one of the first to play it; I do it  because I loved beta testing and will do a through job if accepted. Also I don't expect to get the game for free.  

I've been buying digital games since the  mid eighties and have  always appreciated the amount of work that goes into these games.  I  often see  gamers complaining about the cost of a game; yet at this point in time, they are at their cheapest since  games became available to the general public.  The first digital game I  purchased was a text based adventure called 'The Island of Artuan', and  cost me   £25 back in the 1980's, that's equivalent to over £70 in todays money, so I appreciate  the time and effort you developers devote to creating these games.

You can check my Steam profile  via the following link to get a flavour of who I am:

Stay safe in these uncertain times.

Whiterabbit-uk aka Slickwhiterabbit aka Stephen

p.s. if you do not accept my offer of help; no problem, I'm sure I'll get to play the game when it's released.  :)
My apologies, been so busy developing the game I did not see this post. Please join the discord, it's a much better system for chatting and I would love for you to do the experimental test, very important during development.