This project is still in development (Early Access). 

Demonic rifts have started to manifest across the world allowing creatures to enter our world and awaking those already here. An elite group was created in secret to locate, investigate, and eliminate those creatures.

Choose from four special classes each equipped with special items and perks. Level up each class, switch classes in the field, master them all or focus on one.

Engineer Class - Unlock doors, craft traps, drop ammo & more.
Forensic Class - Examine corpse, locate clues & more.
Occultist Class - Examine demonic items, locate rifts & more.
Medium Class - Contact the dead, locate clues & more.

Earn cash and upgrade your weapons, increasing damage. Change ammo types to combat different creatures. 

4 player online coop
2 part gameplay - Investigation & Encounter
Find clues to help identify the boss creature's weakness.
Prepare for encounter
Watch each other's backs